Amsterdam police end hostage taking at Apple flagship store


Dutch police ended a hostage taking in an Apple flagship store in Amsterdam after a man armed with two guns held at least one person hostage for hours, police said on Wednesday.

This situation played out late last night.

This tweet shows the hostage and the hostage taker:

The caption, translated from Dutch:

A photo in the hands of Het Parool shows the hostage taker, dressed in a camouflage suit, together with the hostage. They sit opposite each other, the hostage appearing handcuffed with his hands behind his back.

Another tweet shows the hostage taker wearing what looked like a bomb vest.

Here’s how it ended:

“We managed to end the situation by hitting the hostage taker with a car when he ran outside,” police said on Twitter, adding that the man was being treated for serious injuries.


The situation ended when the hostage, reportedly a 44-year old British man, fled from the building when a police robot delivered water at the door of the store at the request of the hostage taker.

The hostage taker ran after the man and was quickly hit by the car.

The video of this ending is the first part of this I saw last night, before all the details emerged. Still putting all the pieces together.