How to see how Uber drivers rate YOU

Heather Kelly, Washington Post:

Starting this week, Uber passengers can see what ratings drivers such as Clarke have left them, though they are kept anonymous for everyone’s safety. In the past, riders were able to see an average score based on all past trips, for example 4.25 stars. The new setting, buried deep in the Uber app, breaks it down so you can see totals for how many drivers assigned you 5 stars or 4 stars, all the way down to a 1-star rating. The chart only shows your last 500 trips.

When Heather says “buried deep in the Uber app”, she’s not kidding. If you want a challenge, launch the app (make sure you have the latest update) and try to find your ratings.

Even following Heather’s instructions, it was not easy to find. I laid out the steps as a list, tweeted here, might make it a bit easier to find.