How to Wordle forever

Want to play Wordle for the foreseeable future? Here’s how:

  • Launch Safari on your Mac
  • Select File > Save As…
  • Choose “Web Archive” from the Format menu, then tap Save

That’s it. The web archive contains the entire dictionary of Wordle words, so the archive contains everything you need to play, once a day, as you do now. Just double-click the saved archive file and today’s Wordle will open in Safari. Works great.

I’ve played around with saving a web archive in iOS, but it’s not nearly as straight forward. If anyone finds a simple way to do this, a way that you’ve tested and verified, please do ping me. A hat tip awaits.

Makes me wonder if the New York Times will care that this is a thing. Guessing they knew this was going to happen when they made the deal.