Gurman: What will Apple name its AR/VR headset?

Mark Gurman, Bloomberg:

The names of future Apple devices are some of the company’s most closely guarded secrets, but history and some guesswork could indicate what Apple will call its first virtual and augmented reality headset.

iPod, iPhone, iPad, all reasonably on brand. Apple Watch? AirPods? Clearly, the brand is expanding, becoming less predictable.

Mark’s guesses at names for Apple’s rumored glasses:

  • Apple Vision
  • Apple Reality
  • Apple Sight/iSight
  • Apple Lens
  • Apple Goggles
  • Apple AR, Apple VR, Apple XR, Apple MR or Apple SR

None of these really grab me. I’d bet on Apple Glass(es) or something with a tie-in to existing branding, like Apple AirGlass or iGlass.

No matter, an interesting read, and a topic I find most interesting.