Alexa is going to the moon

Christian Davenport, The Washington Post:

Lockheed Martin, which is building the Orion spacecraft that NASA hopes will fly astronauts to the moon within a couple of years, is partnering with Amazon to put an Alexa on the capsule.

The device would give astronauts real-time information on telemetry, the health of the spacecraft and its speed.


Astronauts would be able to get information about their water supply or battery levels, even change the temperature or color of the lights in the crew module.


The onboard space Alexa would not be connected to the Internet but instead connect directly to Orion’s computer and its own onboard cloud, which would allow it to monitor the health of the spacecraft.

This feels like a real coup for Amazon. This isn’t a simple problem, like bringing an Echo device and giving it internet access. This is a specialized domain, fitted to a demanding environment.

Have to wonder if anyone at Apple is thinking about ways to do something similar with Siri.