Mars Lander simulation, other NASA goodies

Follow the headline link to get to the NASA’s Eyes home page. There are simulations/data visualizations for the solar system, Earth’s vital signs (think air temperature, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide levels, etc), exoplanets (scroll, scroll, scroll), and, my favorite, the Mars lander situation.

Take time to go through these. They are a lot of fun. Try clicking, scrolling, and dragging the various elements. There’s a lot of detail.

On the Mars lander, load the page and the simulation will start. Now click/tap the “rate” arrows (lower right of the display) to speed up and slow down the simulation. At the beginning, you’ll want to speed up (I’d go to a minute per second) until you get to about 10 minutes to touchdown, then slow back down to watch it all unfold. Drag to change your view, and scroll to zoom in. Great fun!