Great stress test of the new M1 Max vs an app running in Rosetta

The video embedded below starts with an Intel version of Reason, running on a specced out M1 Max MacBook Pro, duplicating tracks until the app stutters and then fails.

If time is short, jump to about 3:54 in to start with 5 tracks (details in the upper-right corner). The tracks are duplicated 5 at a time. At 40 tracks, the performance hit starts to become obvious.

Frankly, I was surprised by this result. Rosetta 2 is such an incredible piece of engineering, I just expect it to succeed at every task.

Now we switch over to the same track, but running in the M1 native Logic Pro. Go to 6:11 to start with 5 tracks. Take a guess how many tracks it processes before the Mac comes to its knees. No spoilers. Worth watching.