Some Pixel 6’s Magic Eraser examples

Android Authority:

When the Pixel 6 was announced, one of the most intriguing features that Google highlighted was the ability to digitally remove people and things from a photo. Dubbed as Magic Eraser, the option can “clean” your pics from passersby, random strangers, and unwanted objects that take away the attention from the main subject of your shot. It’s a neat trick, and many of us have been putting it through its paces to see how well it performs.

This is a feature I’d love to see built in to iOS and iPadOS, in the same way as Live Text is baked right in, available everywhere (mostly). There are apps that do this sort of trickery, but it’d be nice to see this built into Photos, as part of the photo editing toolkit.

Follow the headline link, check out the examples. I find they all suffer from the uncanny valley effect, a feeling that something is not quite right. Guessing part of the issue is the fact that shadows are left behind, even as the object is erased, and there’s also a feeling of uneven edges, perhaps due to fingers being used, rather than a fine line tool like an Apple Pencil or a mouse.

I’d love to see what Apple could do with this.