Monterey’s memory leak and how to avoid it

A few weeks back, I posted a tweet showing how macOS Monterey lets you customize your mouse cursor pointer color. If you did that, might want to go back and tap the reset button (it’s just to the right of the color wells).

Here’s Howard Oakley on why:

You will no doubt have heard of the claimed memory leak in macOS Monterey 12.0.1. Thanks to the work of the engineers at Mozilla, its cause has now been identified.


The cause has now been isolated to a single group of settings in one preference pane, Accessibility. All Macs which appear to suffer this leak are using custom pointer controls in the Pointer tab of the Display, specifically a larger than normal Pointer size and custom outline and fill colours.

Guessing this’ll soon be fixed, but good to know. Read Howard’s post for more detail.