“Finch” sets new Apple TV+ record for opening weekend audience


While Apple isn’t generally transparent about audience number specifics, insiders said that the Miguel Sapochnik-directed apocalyptic drama became Apple TV+’s most watch film by eclipsing Hanks’ previous Apple film, the WWII thriller Greyhound. Apple would not divulge specific numbers but sources said that Finch premiered in over 100 countries, more than doubled its opening day audience as the weekend progressed, and generated the largest opening weekend ever on the two-year old Apple TV+.

Tom Hanks and Apple TV+ were made for each other. Finch is worth watching on a number of levels, including the transparent perfection of Tom Hanks’ acting (he becomes the character, flaws and all) and the immersive special effects (the world is seamless and believable, great CGI).

Know going in that Finch is more a character study than a classic sci-fi action film, so if you’re cool with that, go watch it.