Netflix launches its first selection of games on iPhone and iPad, sign up using Apple In-App Purchase

Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac:

Following an Android launch last week, Netflix has now launched its new Games initiative on iOS. Netflix subscribers can now enjoy the following games on iPhone and iPad: Stranger Things 1984, Stranger Things 3, Shooting Hoops, Card Blast, and Teeter (Up!).

Interestingly, the Netflix PR implies that the games will be in the Netflix app itself, as shown in this tweet:

I just updated my iOS Netflix app and still don’t see a built-in Games section. But that said, the Netflix games are individually placed on the App Store, like so:

The games did not require me to login to Netflix to get started, so guessing they somehow see my Netflix login validation somehow. It’ll be interesting to follow the growth of Netflix games, see how it changes over time.