Apple at Work: Success Stories

Apple posted a slew of new stories on its Apple at Work web site on Wednesday highlighting how companies are using Apple technologies to help their businesses.

There are six different categories of businesses including Retail, Finance, Insurance, Construction, and Manufacturing. Each category features stories and videos from a variety of businesses and how Apple devices have helped them.

For example, from the story on grocery store chain H-E-B:

“Grocery stores might seem an unlikely place for cutting-edge technology, but H‑E‑B and Apple are transforming how fresh food is sold, and improving the Partner’s lives who keep it on the shelf. With thousands of iPhones and iPads deployed across hundreds of stores, custom Apple apps, and a team of inspired developers, H‑E‑B is improving the grocery business aisle by aisle.”

There are some fascinating stories in there, so be sure to have a look around the categories.