Some Steve Jobs appreciation

Steve Jobs died 10 years ago today. The world still mourns. Here are some shared bits of appreciation:

Start off by going to Apple’s front page, check out the short film, “Celebrating Steve” and scroll down for the “Statement from the Jobs family”.

That pic of Steve slouched in an office chair, about 4 seconds in, struck me as familiar. Was that Susan Kare’s chair?

From this appreciation piece Jony Ive wrote for yesterday’s Wall Street Journal:

My memories of that brutal, heartbreaking day 10 years ago are scattered and random. I cannot remember driving down to his house. I do remember a hazy October sky and shoes that were too tight. I remember afterwards Tim and I sat quietly in the garden together for a long time.


Steve’s last words to me were that he would miss talking together. I was sitting on the floor next to his bed, my back against the wall.

After he died, I walked out into the garden. I remember the sound of the latch on the wooden door as I gently pulled it closed.

It’s a beautifully written piece, worth reading in full.

A few more bits, embedded below. First, there’s the Think Different commercial with Steve narrating (as opposed to the Richard Dreyfus narration we’re more familiar with).

And, below that, there’s the dedication, back in 2014, of the new Steve Jobs Theater.

Miss you, Steve.