Siri, as it looked before Apple bought the company

The first video shows a demo of Siri before Apple bought the company and integrated the technology throughout the ecosystem.

Below that, there’s an interview with Susan Bennett, the original voice of Siri.

A few things about Siri:

  • Siri was officially rolled out by Apple 10 years ago yesterday as part of the iPhone 4S release.
  • Siri was spun out from an SRI (née, Stanford Research Institute) internal project.
  • You might think the name Siri was derived from SRI, but from a keynote by Siri co-creator Dag Kittlaus:

So Siri means in Norwegian, “beautiful woman who leads you to victory”.

I worked with a lady named Siri in Norway and wanted to name my daughter Siri and the domain was available. And also consumer companies need to focus on the fact that the name is easy to spell, is easy to say…

Clincher had to be, “the domain was available”.