Ted Lasso and Apple TV+ do, in less than two years, what Netflix has never done

Big night last night for Ted Lasso and Apple TV+. As posted here about a week ago, no Netflix show has ever won the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series. Netflix started streaming more than 14 years ago. It’s tough to make a great comedy.

Apple entered a much more crowded field less than 2 years ago, turning on Apple TV+ on November 1st, 2019.

Last night, Ted Lasso won the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series. A tough get, a worthy win.

A few links:

  • Here’s the announcement, with Awkwafina on stage, the great Ted Lasso theme music queued up, hugs all around.
  • Here’s the official Emmy site listing all the Ted Lasso nominations (20) and wins (7).
  • Here’s the complete list of Emmy wins from last night. Scroll down to page 2 to get a sense of the distribution. At the top of the list is Netflix (44 wins), HBO (19), Disney+ (14), and Apple TV+ (10). Notably, Apple TV+ was ahead of all the networks. Not clear why Amazon seemed completely absent from the list. Guessing it’s simply a timing issue.

Apple TV+ had a good night last night. Feels like the beginning of something big, not simply a good moment.