Daylite: The only CRM made for your Mac

Thanks to Marketcircle for sponsoring The Loop this week. The award-winning Daylite CRM and productivity app made for Mac-based small businesses has many features to improve and grow your business, including:

  • Made for Mac, iPhone and iPad
  • Daylite is the only CRM and productivity app that seamlessly integrate with Apple devices and built-in Apple apps
  • Direct Apple Mail integration so you and your team can capture all email communication in one place. And you can create opportunities, appointments and tasks in Daylite right from your Apple Mail.

Daylite empowers small business:

  • To Improve team efficiency and make collaboration easy by having everything organized & searchable in Daylite
  • To grow team strength through shareable, online/offline accessibility
  • To easily access information and segment data tailored to your specific client story
  • To accelerate efficiency with at-a-glance, single screen views
  • To enjoy familiar and intuitive interface, mac-like operations
  • To manage and share everyone’s schedules, project status and next steps
  • To build trust by ensuring ‘on time, every time’ delivery to clients