Apple shares two new The Morning Show videos, new season starts Friday

The first video dropped Friday, offering a brief recap of Season One and scenes and actor discussions on what’s coming in Season Two.

The second video focuses more on the new characters, new faces coming in Season Two.

Interesting to me how much the focus on this show has shifted from the days leading up to the original launch of Apple TV+, when The Morning Show was the central focus, the tentpole show on which Apple pinned their hopes and dreams, to now, where The Morning Show has been eclipsed by Ted Lasso as the tentpole show, and is not one show among many.

Side note, as I mentioned here, Apple TV+ is poised, in its infancy, to do something Netflix has never done. The Emmy awards are this weekend. Rooting for Ted Lasso to bring home the Outstanding Comedy Series win, something no Netflix show has ever done.