Analyst: Chipset shortage now affects ‘Everybody but Apple’

Sascha Segan, PCMag:

The global chipset shortage is hurting the supply of lower-cost Android phones in the US, a new report from Wave7 Research says, with US carrier stores reporting that Samsung and OnePlus are particularly hard hit.

“Sources have told Wave7 Research that Apple was able to lock down chipset supply well ahead of time. This was not the case for other OEMs,” says Jeff Moore, principal at Wave7.


“iPhone share overall did not fall in July, as might be expected ahead of a September iPhone launch,” the report says. “Ongoing iPhone 12 resilience and issues with Samsung inventory were the top factors for this.”

Are there still a lot of fence-sitters out there, folks undecided between Android and iPhone? If so, the ability to get an iPhone without waiting, versus the uncertain wait time for a flagship Android phone might tip some folks into giving iPhone a try. Add to that the first time phone buyers, a new crop every year.