Steve Jobs’ 1973 job application once again up for auction, in physical and NFT form

Ian Sherr, CNET:

A London-based entrepreneur is hoping to set off a competition between the physical and digital worlds, putting a 1973 job application filled out by Steve Jobs up for auction. The form Jobs apparently filled out for an unspecified position at an unspecified company will be available to buy either as a purportedly authenticated physical good or in digital form, as a nonfungible token, or NFT.

Interesting to watch Steve’s original job application go up in value, from $18K in 2017, to $175K in 2018, then in March to $222K.

If you’ve not seen it before, go to the official auction web site and check out the high res scans.

A twist to this version of the auction is the addition of an NFT version of the application. Might be old man yelling at a cloud, but this feels like pure money grab. I thought the purpose of an NFT is to benefit an artist, allow them to keep ownership even as their work is resold again and again. But the artist, in this case, is Steve Jobs. And the seller is just a 3rd hand buyer/reseller. Am I missing the point?