Ted Lasso creator Bill Lawrence talking about what makes the show work

Vanity Fair:

The other characters on the series initially react to him with mistrust, contempt, and deep and abiding caution. They are cynics, brutes, survivors. Others are the perpetually dismissed and bullied. Ted Lasso wins them over, just as he does viewers, by simply proving over and over again that he actually is pure-intentioned; he actually is kind; he actually is folksy and genuine, all the way down to his core. He is a good guy.


It shouldn’t work, but it does. That’s what Vanity Fair decided to explore with showrunner Bill Lawrence, best known for Scrubs, Spin City, and Cougar Town, as we discussed the show that people—and Emmy voters—love because it proves all their worst suspicions wrong.

Who could have predicted this show would take off as it has. Well written, sure, but also coming out when the world was facing significant challenges, offering a strong note of genuine optimism to help carry people through the tough times. Good interview.