BBEdit 14.0 released

BBEdit 14 introduces a Notes system; the ability to integrate Anaconda environments; new built-in support for syntax coloring and function navigation for source files written in R, Go, Rust, TOML, Arduino, Pixar Universal Scene Description (USD) and Lisp-family languages; plus now enables significantly enhanced code completion, error checking, interactive help and code navigation when using new support for Microsoft’s Language Server Protocol (LSP).

In addition, BBEdit 14 brings a wealth of other new features, changes, and improvements to its powerful tools, all of which are designed to enhance the productivity of web developers, desktop and mobile software developers, and anyone producing or editing Markdown documents.

BBEdit 14 enables several new features or significant improvements to built-in coding aids for developers, such as enhanced language-specific text completions and improved Find Definition, as well as new code-navigation features, built-in support for highlighting errors and warnings, and support for language-sensitive document reformatting; these features and improvements result from new built-in support for LSP, by which user-installed local “language servers” implement key language-specific behaviors. Specific available features may vary by language and by server.

BBEdit is one of those must-have apps that I’ve been using for over 20 years.