AirPods Pro and U.S. Customs record number of counterfeit wireless headphone seizures

Joe Rossignol, MacRumors:

According to The Information’s Wayne Ma, roughly 360,000 counterfeit wireless headphones with a retail value of $62.2 million were confiscated in the first nine months of the U.S. government’s fiscal year.


The Information examined counterfeit AirPods Pro sold in Hong Kong in December, noting that they had a genuine Apple serial number and were physically indistinguishable from legitimate AirPods Pro, and even had functional active noise cancellation and Transparency mode features. The report claims one of the only ways to determine that the AirPods were fake was by looking up their firmware version, which was incorrect.

If I was going to buy AirPods Pro, I’d buy them from Apple. Period.

But if you do buy from a third party, like Amazon or Best Buy (because price), I would check the firmware as soon as they arrive, make sure you’re getting the real McCoy.