Reminder: AirPods Pro Service Program


I purchased AirPods Pro in late 2019 and recently began encountering issues with crackling sounds and poor noise cancellation performance. I made an appointment at a local Apple Store from Apple’s AirPods Pro Service Program page and got both AirPods replaced for free later the same day. They gave me a new pack of ear tips and returned my existing wireless charging case. It was a very short appointment; they took the AirPods into the back, ran a test, and told me that they both failed the volume and noise cancellation tests.

If you own AirPods Pro and are hearing a crackling sound and/or notice poor noise cancellation performance, hop over to the AirPods Pro Service Program page.

Jim and I discussed this on this week’s podcast (drops tomorrow afternoon). Jim has the crackling sound and my noise cancellation has started to fail. We’re both taking trips to the Apple Store to see what’s what.

Note that the program is good for two years from “the first retail sale of the unit”, which means we are closing in on the end of coverage. The AirPods Pro were released October 30, 2019. Still time to get them fixed, if you qualify.