Coherence X4 lets you turn any website into an app on your Mac

Thank you for sponsoring The Loop this week! Coherence X4 allows you to turn any website into a chromium-powered app on your Mac. Simply pick a site, enter a name, and pick an icon, and Coherence will turn the app into an isolated application separate from your main browser.

Unlike resource hogging Electron apps, Coherence apps are fully powered and completely customizable. You can use the vast majority of Chrome extensions, customize app assets, and even use features like whitelisting to turn websites like Gmail into an email client that will bump links to your default browser.

Loop readers get 20% off this week when you purchase Coherence X4 at or when you use the promo code ‘LOOPINSIGHT’ at checkout.

You can also try Coherence for 14 days absolutely free or use it as part of your subscription if you’re a Setapp subscriber!