Justice for ‘Wolfwalkers,’ the masterpiece that should’ve won Best Animated Feature at the Oscars

Laura Bradley, Daily Beast:

But it’s not just the Oscars’ notorious default setting of awarding Pixar almost every chance it gets that makes Wolfwalkers’ loss to Soul so upsetting. It’s the fact that Wolfwalkers itself is a masterpiece—an imaginative and heart-rending story made all the more captivating by Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon’s meticulous and full-hearted embrace of its medium.


With every frame, Wolfwalkers becomes more enchanting. The greenery of the forest is a glimmering watercolor wonder—as enchanting as a lovingly illustrated children’s book, and alluring enough to compete with the mysterious allure of any real-life forest. 17th-century woodcuts inspire the walled town’s animation, imparting a militant stiffness.


But on top of its craftsmanship, Wolfwalkers’ story, with its carefully braided themes and folklore, merits recognition in its own right.

As much as I enjoyed Soul, I have to agree with Laura here. Wolfwalkers was a magnificent work, and in my opinion, should have won the top prize. If you’ve not seen it, add it to your list. It’s on my shortlist of the very best of Apple TV+, and of well told stories.