iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and modern baseball card design

Apple, on Brooklyn artist Efdot, using his iPad Pro to design cards for Topps:

His canvas today is a baseball card. While it might seem like an unexpected place to find modern art, there’s a renaissance under way for these collectables, thanks in part to visual storytellers who are transforming sports memorabilia into pocket-sized masterpieces.


Last year, Efdot started working with Topps, the official trading card company of Major League Baseball (MLB), for Project 2020. It was a limited edition release of 20 baseball cards illustrated by 20 different artists that attracted not just collectors and sports enthusiasts, but art and culture lovers too. It’s part of the reason that topps.com saw an astounding 250 percent increase in sales from 2019 to 2020.

As an old school collector, I’m both gladdened and fascinated by this resurgence.

This year, Efdot is part of Project 70, which enlists even more artists and tastemakers to reinterpret cards from the 70 years that Topps has been immortalizing baseball players. New cards are released online every weekday through the end of the year and each card is available to buy for 70 hours only.

Follow the headline link and scroll to get a look at some of this art. It’s fantastic. Gorgeous. Magical. Love the marriage of iPad technology with the art of the sports card.

Wondering how long it will be before Topps announces the NFT of the original art. If it happens, hope Efdot and fellow artists get their fair share of that payday.