Apple Chips will (?) be advancing to the Armv9 Architecture, the first major update in a decade that will advance AI, AR/VR, 5G and Security

Patently Apple:

In response to the development of AI, Internet of Things and other developments, the IP giant ARM Ltd. announced late yesterday that it will launch a new Armv9 architecture. This is the company’s first new Arm architecture in the last decade. It’s to roll out at the end of this year. At this point in time, it’s unknown when Apple’s adoption of this new architecture will take place.

Note that the headline is verbatim from Patently Apple. A quibble, but it implies that Apple has endorsed the new Arm architecture. That last sentence in the quote makes it clear that is not the case. Yet.

Still, this seems important news. And others are jumping on board:

Apple is usually silent when it comes to providing testimonials and this time is no different. However, many of Apple’s competitors such as Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Google (for Android), Xiaomi and others have all signed on.

Read the article, watch the embedded video for details.