About that new Apple TV remote

A few days ago, we posted an article from 9to5Mac titled Apple developing new Remote for the next-generation Apple TV.

Yesterday, 9to5Mac posted an update (click headline link), adding:

This appears to be an alternative Apple TV Remote that Apple worked with cable companies to make. As the report below explains, this remote was designed for cable companies, hence the Guide button. It may not be sold by Apple directly, but instead was designed in collaboration between Apple and cable companies. It is being distributed by Universal Electronics.

So will we see an updated Siri Remote? Lots of complaints about the current “which side is up” design, would love to see a new, not quite so symmetrical take on it.

And this is the press release for the Universal Electronics remote that seems to be the mistaken identity above. I do love this, though there’s no trackpad, so not likely we’ll ever see this shipping with Apple TV.