Apple’s hidden iPhone app

Gadget Hacks:

Every once in a while, an iOS secret surfaces that makes me wonder, “How am I just learning about this?” I remember the first time I found out how to delete numbers in the Calculator app, and when I discovered you could bulk-move apps around the home screen. Now, there’s another tip to add to the list: a hidden iOS app whose icon you quite literally can’t find unless you know where to look.

In a nutshell, to find the app, go to your iOS Home Screen and pull down to bring up Search. Type in the word “code” and the Code Scanner app will appear. Tap it and you are in the QR-code and App Clip scanner.

Apple called the Code Scanner app by a different name in previous iOS versions. On iOS 13, it was “QR Code Reader,” and on iOS 12, it was “Scan QR Code.” Apple likely moved away from having “QR” in the name since it can also scan App Clip Codes, which can launch miniature versions of apps called “App Clips.”

It’s also in Control Center. One of those hidden things that you might not know.

Makes me wonder what new codes Apple might have up its sleeve, with the rumored AirTags and Apple Glasses. Maybe we’ll learn more at WWDC?