The new Justin Long PC vs Mac commercials

Intel brought Justin “I’m a Mac” Long on board to betray his long-time, adoring Mac fans and pick up a paycheck.

Five ads, all embedded below. Honestly, hard to fault Justin for cashing in here, but the ads themselves remind me of the varied Samsung ads over the years. Attacking Apple by painting a very jaundiced picture of Apple gear and an overly rosy picture of Intel gear.

I especially object to that last spot, based completely on the premise that you can only plug one display into your Mac. That one has got to come with a gigantic asterisk. Here’s Apple’s tech note on achieving more than one display. Depends on the Mac. But certainly not fair to say you can’t do it.

Side note: To borrow a phrase from my brother, there’s gotta be pictures in the attic of both Justin Long and Paul Rudd that are starting to grow crows feet.