What Apple’s patents say about the company’s VR and AR ambitions

Dan Moren, Macworld:

Once you’ve found a way to show a user this mix of real and digital content, one of the big questions is how you interact with all this information. Is it via traditional input methods, like trackpads and keyboards? With cameras that detect where your hands go and when they’re interacting with real or virtual objects? A system that tracks the movements of your eyes? Or is it some other sort of physical controller that lets you seamlessly switch between the world in front of you and the one on your displays?

Dan’s whole writeup is fascinating, raises important questions on how Apple might see the future of augmented reality. Will Apple keep existing models, like documents and a desktop, so creators can mix their AR world with the creative tools on their Macs and iPads?

Or will Apple move to a new universe, take the opportunity to reinvent the creation language completely, without relying on old models for creating new content.

Great read.