“Apple, how on earth can you look away?”

There’s been a steady drumbeat on Twitter recently, a river of tweets about fake/scammy apps on the App Store.

From the headline linked post:

I have spent the last four years of my life working on my very successful app only to have it ruined by scam apps with very obvious fake reviews as well as false advertising claims that Apple does not take action against. I can literally prove they are fake but Apple refuses to take action for undisclosed reasons, allowing thousands of more people getting scammed by these apps day by day.

Follow the link, read the post. This is a detailed breakdown of one developer’s experience, a very specific example that is one of many.

When you’ve read that post, hop over to this Michael Tsai rollup page with comments on another, perhaps more well circulated example.

App Store folks, spend some time reading through the linked comments on Michael Tsai’s page. There are links to examples, stories, and specific thoughts on small ways to address the problem. As is, one might think Apple is looking away. This has got to stop.