Facebook’s email to businesses on life with Apple and privacy

Stephen Warwick, iMore:

Facebook has continued to warn its business users of upcoming privacy changes to iOS 14 that will ask users to opt-in to tracking through the use of a device identifier for advertising for IDFA.

In an email sent to businesses seen by iMore, Facebook has again reiterated that it disagrees with planned upcoming privacy changes to advertising and tracking in iOS 14. Apple isn’t actually changing tracking, instead, users will have to opt-in to tracking.

And the email itself:

Apple’s requirement that all apps in the App Store show a prompt to iOS 14 users in accordance with their AppTrackingTransparency framework will have hard-hitting implications across targeting, optimization, and measuring campaign effectiveness for businesses that advertise on mobile devices and across the web. Apple’s changes will benefit them, while hurting the industry and the ability for businesses of all sizes to market themselves efficiently and grow through personalized advertising. We believe that personalized ads and user privacy can coexist.

Take it one sentence at a time. That first one is definitely on the money. Not sure how you could argue that it is anything but good for users.

The second sentence starts with “Apple’s changes will benefit them”. Feels a bit disingenuous. This benefits users. If it benefits Apple, it’s only that it makes their gear more attractive for folks who value privacy.

And the last sentence, about coexisting, sure, I’ll buy that. After all, didn’t advertising and computing coexist before all the invisible tracking come into being?