Woz, Steve Jobs, and Dylan

First things first, this from CNN on the sale of a treasure trove of Bob Dylan memorabilia:

A collection of Bob Dylan memorabilia including letters, unpublished lyrics and handwritten lyrics to “Blowin’ in the wind” have sold for nearly half a million dollars, auctioneers say.

The items belonged to the estate of Dylan’s friend and fellow musician Tony Glover, who died last year. They were put up for sale in a week-long auction run by RR Auction Company.

Glover’s collection of Dylan memorabilia included personal letters and the transcripts from an interview carried out by Glover and hand-annotated by Dylan.

The collection sold for $495,000 to an unnamed seller.

Steve Jobs was, famously, a big Dylan fan. Woz weighed in with this thought on the auction and purchase:

In my opinion, someone got a bargain. These are the sort of rambling words that filled the Dylan liner notes and lyrics and brought me heavily into his world. The day I met Steve Jobs I brought him down to my house to see all the Dylan albums with strange liner notes and lyrics, since Jobs didn’t have albums. Thus Dylan became an important part of our friendship. We pursued Dylan memorabilia and trivia and concerts back then. I kept wondering how such words could come into any mortal mind.

A nice, if tiny, little look back at a friendship that launched Apple.