The over-performing M1 Mac mini — Be sure you have a wired keyboard and mouse

If you’re thinking about a new M1 Mac mini, definitely spend some time with Chris Welch’s review for The Verge.

Most importantly:

Getting up and running with the Mac mini can be a hassle. For initial setup, you need a wired keyboard and mouse; my Logitech ergonomic keyboard and MX Master 3, which both connect over Bluetooth, were useless. They work fine after setting up the machine, but just be aware so you don’t run into this initial headache like I did.

This is so important, I think Apple should put a note up on the order page so folks have time to grab these items if they need them.

UPDATE: Interestingly, it seems as if Apple’s wireless gear uses clever USB-protocol tricks so THEY work with the Mac mini setup. Not so for third party gear. Good to know.