Two Apple crime stories

First up, from Malcolm Owen, AppleInsider:

A group of five Amazon employees has been arrested for allegedly stealing iPhones from a logistics center in Madrid, Spain, in an operation that is believed to have involved the theft of 500,000 euro ($592,000) in goods.


It was determined a group of workers was slipping new iPhones like the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro into orders secretly, replacing the actually ordered contents of a package at the last moment. iPadizate reports it is believed the orders were placed by an accomplice.

Follow the headline link to read about this scam. Amazing they thought they’d get away with this.

Next up is this story from BBC News (H/T Nick Harvey):

Apple products worth £5m have been stolen from a lorry in a robbery on the M1 in which the driver and security guard were “tied up”.

Apple products stolen on the M1. Headline just writes itself.