Why is Apple paying me $4.99 in store credit for Apple TV+ this month?

Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac:

Apple TV+ is Apple’s streaming service and priced at $4.99 per month in the US, or $49.99 per year. A lot of current subscribers are on promotional free trials. However, if you are currently paying for TV+ on a monthly or yearly basis, you should have received an email that Apple is refunding that amount as store credit.

I did get one of those emails. It told me I’d be getting a $4.99 credit through January that I can use on whatever I like. What I didn’t quite get from the email is the specifics on what I did to qualify for it.

More from Benjamin:

All free year trials of TV+ have been extended so they last until February 2021, giving people up to an extra 3 months free. So, to make it fair for people that are paying real money for the service, Apple is comping the paid subscriptions too. That means if you sign up for Apple TV+ over Christmas, and pay the $4.99 subscription fee, Apple will return that money to you as store credit. This will last until the February renewals.

Thanks, Benjamin. Makes sense.