Apple’s M1 showing up on Geekbench, outperforms high-end 16-inch MacBook Pro

First things first, here’s a link to the Geekbench browser, with search set to “MacBookAir10,1”.

This will let you do the search yourself, see the MacBook Air results as they come in. As of this writing:

  • Single-core scores range from 1656 to 1732
  • Multi-core scores range from 6519 to 7545

Bigger numbers mean faster performance.

Next, I did a search for the “MacBook Pro (16-inch Late 2019)”. The fastest single-core score I could find was 1243, with most scores much lower than that. Fastest multi-core was 7191, again with most scores well below that.

Draw your own conclusions here, but I am excited about the possibilities here. I’m going to spend some time looking for GPU scores. Guessing the M1 will not perform as well as machines with discrete GPUs, but I may well be surprised.