Apple One bundle questions

UPDATE: Apple One bundles are rolling out. I signed up for Premier and my existing Apple Music subscription stayed live, with the note that it will automatically roll into my bundle at the end of the free monthly bundle trial.

Here’s a link to Apple’s official Apple One bundle page. And here’s my tweet with the Apple One bundle pricing.

In the meantime, I’ve been asking folks for their bundle questions, scroll down for the list. If you have a question, or know the answer to one of these, please ping me on Twitter. I’ll try to keep the list updated as I get more questions/answers.

  • If I already paid for a year of Apple Music (or any service covered by a bundle), will that payment be applied to the bundle cost?

  • If I am in the middle of a free trial and upgrade to a bundle, will that impact the bundle pricing?

  • Can you verify that Apple One Premier is only available in the US, UK, Canada, Australia (places where News+ is available)?

  • Can you verify that I can raise my default bundle storage by adding more storage to my bundle? If so, is there any space limit?

[Per Craig Grannell, Apple One storage caps at 4TB]

  • How will Apple handle the case where a bundle storage is less space than what I already have? For example, if I have 200GB and move to the Individual bundle’s 50GB, will Apple prompt me to add additional storage before I switch. My concern is that I don’t lose what’s stored in my 200GB if I do things in the wrong order and momentarily drop to 50GB.

[Per Craig Grannell, Apple One bundle storage is added to existing storage, so this is not an issue. Add the bundle, then remove extra storage as you like.]

  • If I get the Premier bundle, will Fitness+ be automatically added when available?