9 new Apple TV features in tvOS 14

Great walkthrough by Christian Zibreg, iDownloadBlog.

By far, my favorite tweak is moving the audio controls:

Before iOS 14, you had to press the Home button on the remote to get to the tvOS Home screen, then you would press and hold the Play/Pause button to bring up the audio interface. In tvOS 14, you can get to these controls through the Control Center, which can be swooshed into view by holding the Menu button (you don’t need to exit to the Home screen).

I do this all the time, when I pop my AirPods in and want to connect to my Apple TV from listening on my iPhone. Having to jump to the home screen, then press and hold the pause button to bring up the sources list, then navigate back to what I was watching is a bit of a pain point.

This new approach is so much better.

Also, props Christian for “swooshed into view”. Gonna steal that.

UPDATE: Played around with tvOS 13 and 14, seems like the Control Center shortcut was there in tvOS 13. They just got rid of the pause button shortcut in tvOS 14. Interesting.