Beachcombers star reflects on iconic Canadian series on 30th anniversary of last episode


It was the first television show that many would say put British Columbia — and British Columbian talent — in the spotlight.

The Beachcombers was greenlit in the early 1970s by CBC and ran for almost 20 years. Set in Gibsons, B.C., it followed log salvager Nick Adonidas (Bruno Gerussi) and his crew aboard the Persephone as they tracked down logs that had broken free from log booms.

With over 350 episodes, it is one of the longest running dramatic English-language television shows ever produced for Canadian television and July 30 marked the 30th anniversary of the shooting of the final episode.

Hard to believe it’s been that long. Before “Corner Gas” or “Schitt’s Creek” there was “The BeachCombers”, truly “appointment TV” for Canadians of that generation.

Watch the opening credits below and note the boat in the first shot and the scenery behind the actors:

The show was set and shot in the town I live in, a little community of 6,000 called Gibsons on the west coast of Canada. The boat is still a feature of the “lower village”, Molly’s Reach restaurant and Gramma’s Pub are still there and the scenery is still magnificent.