Introducing the MyHeritage Photo Enhancer


Perhaps you have old photos that look grainy or blurred, or photos of large family gatherings with many faces that are too small to recognize clearly. The MyHeritage Photo Enhancer aims to solve these age-old problems and produces phenomenal results that let you see your ancestors more clearly than ever before.

The examples of what the service offers are incredible. If you’ve got old, sepia-toned, poor quality photos, the photo enhancer does an amazing job of bringing out long lost details in the shots. You’ll see pictures of your great-grandparents in ways you never thought possible.

To get started, you have to create an account, including giving up your credit card info. But you can skip this step and go straight to the upload page here. You can upload a photo and the site will still ask you to create an account but there’s no need to enter any credit card info. From there, you choose your photo to be enhanced (FYI in my tests, it would only accept JPGs and at least 300 pixels by 300 pixels) and/or colourized.

The results are pretty incredible. I only have one old photo of my father (who I never met) and I ran it through the process and this is the result:

Notice the tiny watermarks on the lower left and right. If you are a paid-up subscriber, those aren’t present. Subscriptions are pricey at $17/month but you can cancel at any time, according to the site. Give it a try yourself but, when you sign up, use a throwaway email address. MyHeritage opts you into a buttload of their emails.