Apple releases Dedicated Security Researcher Device


Apple has announced that it is releasing a special version of the iPhone to approved security researchers as part of a new Apple Security Research Device Program (SRD). The SRD, which was originally announced during last year’s Black Hat information security conference, is a standard iPhone with key security controls disabled to allow security researchers to run their own tools. Apple will provide SRDs on one-year renewable loans to researchers who are accepted into the program.

In a private briefing, Apple provided additional details about and background on the SRD program.

I posted yesterday on Apple’s PR regarding the Apple Security Research Device Program and now the guy I trust most on Mac security related issues has posted about his briefing with Apple about these devices. As always, Mogull writes well and in-depth while not being nearly as techy or geeky as the subject warrants. It’s a good read if you have any interest in this kind of program.