Why AnyList won’t be supporting sign in with Apple


Starting June 30th, Apple will be enforcing a new rule in the App Store requiring many apps to support Sign in with Apple. AnyList is one of the apps affected by this new rule, which means that we must either implement Sign in with Apple or make other changes to our app. After considering the merits of Sign in with Apple, we have decided not to support it. We understand that this may surprise some of our customers, so we’d like to explain in detail why we made this decision.

We agree with Apple that privacy is a fundamental human right, and understand that the “Hide My Email” option in Sign in with Apple is well-intentioned, but it feels like Apple didn’t really think through all of the implications for basic user experience, customer support, and collaboration.

Beyond customer experience, there are also many problems that Sign in with Apple creates for us as developers, which has knock-on effects for our customers.

AnyList is my go-to app for collecting and sharing recipes and grocery lists with my wife. While most of us will love the “Sign in with Apple” feature, this is an interesting look at how it would be a PITA for some developers.