Tim Cook on WWDC eve: “I’m full of secrets and it’s hard not to overflow right now”

Tim Cook, on CBS Sunday Morning yesterday:

I’m full of secrets and it’s hard not to overflow right now. But I’ve been trained well.”

This is a big moment. Connecting with developers amid rising tensions, and with huge (rumored) ARM-based Mac news to share. And if that latter news is true, Apple is about to ask developers to shoulder some potentially heavy burdens, that of rebuilding their apps to support a brand new architecture.

While porting your app to support ARM might be as simple as checking a check box and rebuilding, that view seems optimistic. More likely, this change will require more testing hardware purchases, and more time spent porting, tweaking, and testing. More time preparing and sending out beta versions to a limited universe of folks with the right hardware.

Watch the interview, embedded below. Keep in mind, this was yesterday. Tim and company read the blogs, he knows the lay of the land.

It’ll be an interesting afternoon, and an interesting week.