Apple’s olive branch to HEY

HEY blog, this morning (hours before the WWDC keynote), a post from Basecamp CEO Jason Fried:

Late Friday night, on June 19th, Apple’s App Store Review Board surprised us by approving the pending bug fixes to the HEY iOS app that were held up all last week.

The note from Apple:

Hello Jason,

We’ve seen David’s tweets and look forward to working with you on a path forward.

This update has been approved.


App Review Board

The tweets in question were from @dhh in response to last week’s response from Phil Schiller.

For HEY and for Apple, this seems the best possible outcome, especially given the proximity to the WWDC keynote.

And the letter ends on the best possible note:

And Phil, we set aside an amazing address for you. Free for life, our gift to you. Lemme know.

Obviously, this addresses one specific bump in the road. The question remains, will Apple hold fast, or will we see any App Store policy changes this week?