TinEye: Free, web-based, reverse image search

Every so often, I encounter an image and wonder where it comes from. Or, perhaps, I’m looking for the highest possible resolution of an image. Or I’m trying to track down the creator of the image.

I’ve long used Google’s reverse image search for this purpose. If you’ve not gone down that route, pick an image, head to google.com and try to figure out the interface. Once you know how to jump through the hoops (hint, click Images, then click the camera) the interface is still a bit clumsy. Plus, some object to doing a search with Google looking over their shoulder.

Now give TinEye a try. Click the link, and just drag and drop an image (on the Mac) or tap the up arrow (on iOS) to select an image from your camera roll. I especially appreciate the simplicity of the experience on my Mac. Just drop the image on the TinEye home page. That’s it.

Worth knowing about. [H/T Dave Zawislak]