Apple announces Fraggle Rock reboot, partnership with Jim Henson Company


Following the overwhelming global fandom around the recent debut of the Apple TV+ shorts “Fraggle Rock: Rock On!,” Apple today announced a new partnership with The Jim Henson Company to reboot the beloved classic series “Fraggle Rock.”


The new “Fraggle Rock” series will be reimagined as a global Apple Original series for new generations of fans to enjoy together on Apple TV+. Produced by The Jim Henson Company in association with New Regency, the series will reunite the original stars – Gobo, Red, Boober, Mokey, Wembley and Uncle Travelling Matt – for new songs and adventures, with the same spirit as the classic.

And these nuggets from Vulture:

As part of the agreement, Apple has also acquired exclusive streaming rights to all 96 episodes of the original 1983–87 live-action HBO series (and some specials) and will make them available to subscribers in 100 countries on Wednesday, May 27.


According to a source familiar with Apple’s thinking, the company remains uninterested in using Apple TV+ as a repository for old shows and movies from other suppliers, the way Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu have done for years. That’s because, per the source, with big studios such as Warner Bros., Disney, and Universal looking to keep their best and biggest titles for their own streaming platforms, there simply aren’t enough great titles around to make a library strategy work.

Some excellent insight there.