Hey Siri, what time is it in London?

John Gruber:

Nilay Patel asked this of Siri on his Apple Watch. After too long of a wait, he got the correct answer — for London Canada. I tried on my iPhone and got the same result. Stupid and slow is heck of a combination.

This is an odd and reproducible error. Fire up your iPhone and ask Siri:

What time is it in London?

I’m curious if anyone, perhaps elsewhere in the world, gets an answer other than the time in London, Canada. How about someone in the UK? Or even London, England?

More from Gruber:

Worse, I tried on my HomePod and Siri gave me the correct answer: the time in London England. I say this is worse because it exemplifies how inconsistent Siri is.

Same. iPhone Siri assumes I mean London, Canada, HomePod Siri assumes I mean London, England.

Edge cases. The bane of any developers existence.

UPDATE: I asked about this on Twitter, got some fascinating replies. In the UK, as you might expect, Siri gives the time for London, England. But in Florida, we get the time in London, England as well, as opposed to other folks in the US, who get London, Canada. Except for one user in Indiana who gets London, Ohio. And another few who get London, Kentucky.

Sounds like a proximity to London (pick the closest one) issue?