“The Last Dance” on Netflix

As a former player and rabid fan, Michael Jordan was a basketball god to me. We would drive down to Seatle once a year to see his Bulls play the Supersonics. When Vancouver got their ill-fated basketball team, I made sure I went to every Bulls game. I watched every game of his in college and the pros that I could. I was sad when he retired (both times) and elated when he came back.

So when Netflix announced “The Last Dance” would be a behind the scenes look at that final championship Bulls team, I knew I’d watch it. What I didn’t know or expect was how good it would be.

My wife, who is not a basketball fan, is as riveted as I am by the series, if in a different way. I knew about Jordan’s drive and immense will to win but this is the first time we’ve seen many of his peers talk about it as well. And they are remarkably honest about how Jordan treated them (often badly). But it’s obvious that it was that incredible desire to win, maybe even at all costs, that drove him.

You may have seen the clip from the show where Jordan gets quite emotional talking about it.

And M.G. Siegler has a very interesting post titled “The Great Asshole Fallacy” you should read. It will never be answered to everyone’s satisfaction but it asks the question that has been asked of many others, including Steve Jobs, “Do you have to be a jerk to be successful at the highest level?”

This is a series I would tell people to subscribe to Netflix for. It’s that good.